• “I don’t want to argue with Steven Augustine about reality, because that is a wilderness of mirrors…” -James Wood



Introducing Ina Boyd (a screenplaypoem)

1. -Ina says a dreamboat’s any man refrains demanding anal on like the third date. -Dreamboat’s mother’s word. -Mother’d pronounce it in-uh. -Daddy said Eee-nah. -Couldn’t even agree on that. -Ina burns her fingers on the water glass. -They served me coffee in a water glass. -My first sensation in Berlin. -A burn. -A Flashback: … Continue reading

Eryn; Edwina

Eryn said get this he unzips his pants and asks is it big enough. The waitress still hadn’t fetched their drinks. Eryn gave the room an orphaned look and continued so the dirty is done and I’m combing my ‘fro in the dresser mirror. Okay? And the bathroom door is cracked open yea wide. Okay? … Continue reading

Lake Zurich

The last photo in the row of photos in cardboard frames on the windowsill was face-down on the sill and he wondered if this meant something or if the wind had done it, despite the fact that the window, for as long as she’d been living here, had never been open. The air was piped-in … Continue reading


Veering into the sun before his sunbrella went up was like having a frying pan in full sizzle put flat on his cheek. The bulgey curve of the station wall had a sharp collar of shade around it in which sat the gypsy with her accordion, playing the dolorous tango they all played within a … Continue reading

the treacherous cock

a fairytale by steven augustine music by nicholas freilich voice talent mr craig thomas

The Early Days of Television

The first time Benny saw her was in the produce aisle of the Decatur Blvd Von’s in Vegas and the first thing he said to her was “You look like you come from the stars, sister.” A meteorite-black Nefertiti in white. Who, me? she pantomimed. Wearing a flowing white caftan and a miter-like head-wrap, also … Continue reading

andy & patty

a filmsong by Steven Augustine     The Kiss Off or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Decline of the Aura    1.  Art is Honkies Fucking  The pedigree of the kiss in Western culture is less a matter of sex than of Christianity.  Spirit is breath, it utters the sacred word.  … Continue reading

The Real Jimmy Davis

  We’ve all heard of the Angel of Death, but what about the Angel of Poverty, the Angel of Rape, the Angel of Racism? They aren’t the subjects of florid poems or valuable French oil paintings. We rarely discuss them. Yet there they are. Note for screenplay: cars as suits of armor. Animated? He leans … Continue reading

If I Dealt in Candles: The Lost Masterpiece of Ralph Ellison

Constance thanked Wally profusely for his helpful critique and slipped the manuscript into her purse while Fan, with her gloved hand on Wally’s throbbing mitt, beamed at him and they all ordered drinks and that was the last anyone ever heard of it. Have the critics given you any constructive help in your writing? It … Continue reading

Year In Review

“Time is the ultimate disguise.” -Christian Sands It was pointed out to me that the defeated-looking guy who invariably took the table between the ladies’ room and the Picasso poster at The Supreme Bean was Chris Sands, who had once meant so much to me, as the walking embodiment of his records, at least, though … Continue reading

The Man from Elephant and Castle

1. Venal Cunt spread her legs like a vile temptation at the end of the night, face deflected, eyes unplugged. Long and elegant and platinum-haired and bone-white with her sexy puckering lisp. The only color is the childish yellow scrawl of her bush and her pupils like residue in cocktail glasses and the raised red … Continue reading

Class Fantasies

    1. GRAYSCALE This life is inconceivably beautiful. It is a life of the mind. It is always late summer, the blacks are inky-rich, the whites are milky singularities, the grayscale between is perfectly-judged. Satchmo, an immolated saint, has burned clear, finally, of all kitsch and his rehabilitation proves that we are capable of … Continue reading


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